Last Minute Eatin' at Michelin Restaurants

When Daniel lost it's third Michelin star, the NYC restaurant world was up in arms. One of only ten restaurants in the country with an esteemed three star rating, the Michelin overlords had apparently decided that the USA would suffer through 2015 with only nine three star establishments.

For the unacquainted, the heralded guide was first published by Andrew Michelin himself way back in the year 1900. Designed to help motorists find their way around the French countryside and to the best in fine linen dining, the guide has maintained itself today as the gold standard in upmarket restaurant reviews.

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Your First A/B Tests: A Step by Step Guide

Your A/B testing system is hot off the press, you've integrated with OptimizelyGoogle's Content Experiments, or maybe deployed some code of your own. You open your eyes, look around, and see a whole new world of experimental opportunities.

But suddenly, you start asking more questions and forming more hypotheses than one could possibly answer in a lifetime. Should you start testing 41 shades of background hues to see what's most attention grabbing? Maybe start by testing a rewrite of every piece of copy on your site? Or maybe you should start A/B/C/D testing your web fonts?

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A Last Minute Infographic; Last Minute Eatin' featured in the NYTimes

Last Minute Eatin' has been running for over two months now and has tweeted over 1,500 tables since launch. LME knows exactly when and where tables are open, and you can now visualize these openings with the Last Minute Eatin' Explorer. Every day at midnight, LME checks availability for almost 1,000 restaurants on OpenTable, and the infographic shows which restaurants and neighborhoods have prime time (between 7 and 10pm) tables available. Read more about LME data and how it works.

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