Last Minute Eatin’ Launches; Gets You the Hottest Table in Town


Do you love eating out but hate making plans? There’s nothing worse than trying to find a great table when you need it most, only to find that all your favorite places are completely booked. New York City can be expensive, but the thought of eating bad food at a second or third tier restaurant is unpalatable.

Last Minute Eatin’ is an experiment in immediate gratification and schedule free living. When same day restaurant openings come up, they get tweeted from @LastMinuteEatin along with a link to make your reservation on OpenTable. Last Minute Eatin’ continuously monitors thousands of reservation openings and cancellations every day, so if you see a table tweeted, rest assured it’s one of the hottest tables in the city for your last minute plans.

Last Minute Eatin’ is not about 30% off coupons, free drinks, or 2 for 1 “special offers” at places where no one wants to go. Last Minute Eatin’ is about spending money and enjoying life. I built Last Minute Eatin' to solve a problem that I faced on a regular basis, and over the past few months, I've shared it with a select group of friends and family.

Today, it's yours, and I hope you enjoy it.

Dr. Jason Davis

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