A Mixpanel Data Exporter


Mixpanel is a great analytics tool for small to medium sized web and mobile shops. And not surprisingly, their analytics product has pretty good adoption (over 1,400 companies using it, according to their homepage).

One things I've noticed, however, is that as some of these shops grow in size, they slowly start to ask more than Mixpanel can answer. Their data science team may want to do some in-depth analysis over customer lifetime value. Their product team wants to do some deeper funnel analysis comparing variants in a recent A/B test. Or their search team wants to do some click-depth inference on long-tailed queries.

Luckily, Mixpanel allows customers to export their data for deeper analysis off of Mixpanel. This way, business folks can run custom SQL, analysts can play with data via R, and data scientists can do some Hadoop deep diving with Pig or Cascading. Further, if Mixpanel data lives with the rest of your data, you can easily join it with things that aren't in Mixpanel. Like comparing customer acquisition costs across your paid ads on Google or Facebook.

I met up with an old friend last week who's at a company that fits this exact mold. I mentioned that I had built a simple tool to pull Mixpanel data to S3, and he encouraged me to open source it. Having seen this pattern several times before, I spent a few minutes cleaning things up this morning, and you can now find my Mixpanel-Puller on Github.